No deposit,
no credit checks,
no hassle

– just convenient and affordable van hire.

Your choice of vans for hire
in Nunhead

Small Van
Got a few smaller items you need to transport? Book a small van for a speedy journey through Nunhead.


Short Wheelbase Van
With enough room for small furniture pieces or building materials, a short wheelbase van could be the perfect choice if you need to move a medium load through Nunhead.


Long Wheelbase Van
Got a load of heavy building materials that need transporting through Nunhead? With the capacity to hold 3m long items, consider hiring a long wheelbase van for your journey.


Extended Long
Wheelbase Van
As well as large pieces of furniture extended long wheelbase vans can also be great for longer building materials – they can fit supplies up to 4m in length.


Luton Van
With a wide rear opening, loads of space and a tail lift, it’s no wonder why removal companies love using Luton vans. Hire one for yourself today to make your move hassle free.


Covid-19 | Reassurance when hiring a van in Nunhead

  • We disinfect your van during handover
  • The office is now cleaned 4 times a day using disinfectant sprays
  • The office is disinfected after each customer has left
  • All our Rental agents wash and sanitise their hands after serving each customer

What our customers say

Contact us

Get your journey through Nunhead started and hire your van online in no time by booking online or by filling out your quick contact form. If you have any questions, our experienced team is here to help. Give us a call on 020 7277 9853 or email us at to find the van that suits your requirements best.


Ace Rent A Van is a successful, third generation, so we’re well-versed in providing hassle free van hire at a competitive price. As a company, we understand that you’re looking for van hire services that are flexible, so we give you control throughout the hiring process with:

  • Collection every day of the week
  • 24/7 drop off
  • One-day weekend hire
  • A Loyalty scheme
  • Upgrades to a low emission van

When you’re looking for affordable van hire in Nunhead, whether it’s one of our small vans to transport boxes or a Luton van to move house, Ace Rent A Van is here to help. We get you on the road faster, by offering van hire free from deposits, credit checks and hassle. We do all the work, so you can concentrate on your journey through Nunhead with no extra stress.

Why choose us for
affordable van hire in Nunhead?

No deposit

At Ace Rent A van, we’re serious about affordable van hire affordable in Nunhead. Unless you choose to upgrade to a low emission van you won’t need to put down a deposit for one of our vehicles.

No credit checks

You’ve got somewhere important to go, so we’ve taken credit checks off the table. That way you’re never bogged down with lengthy paperwork that lengthens your journey.

Fixed prices

We don’t do seasonal or peak charges at Ace Rent A Van. No matter what time of year, you’ll be hiring our van at a competitive price.

Loyalty scheme

To say “thank you” to all our regular customers, we’re created a loyalty scheme. You’ll earn credit every time you hire with us and after five hires you might get a van free of charge!

One-day weekend hire

Don’t need a van for the entire weekend? There’s no need to waste money with Ace Rent A Van! We keep all our services flexible and stay open 7 days a week so whenever you need a hire, just let us know!

Low insurance excess

The prices of insurance excess for van hire in Nunhead seem to skyrocket every year. At Ace Rent A Van, we make sure you get the best price possible and start our prices from as low as £500.

24/7 drop off

Think your journey might go on a bit longer than anticipated? No worries! We’re open for drop offs 24/7. Just follow the instructions when you drop off, and we’ll do the rest.

Excellent availability

There always a range of choices when hiring from us. Our large fleet of vans allows you to choose the size that suits you best, gives you the chance to upgrade to a low emission vehicle, or even hire last minute.


A trusted van hire
company in Nunhead

Looking for reliable van hire in Nunhead? Ace Rent A Van is here to help. Our Luton vans have been used to help homeowners move into new properties throughout Nunhead, including Machell Road, Selden Road, Crewys Road, and more. Extended long wheelbase vans are also a popular choice for businesses in Nunhead looking for affordable van hire that doesn’t cut into their profits. With our extensive range of van types, we’ve got you covered when it comes to vehicle hire in Nunhead.

What do you need in order to hire a van
from us in Nunhead?

A valid UK or EU driving licence

It’s obvious but it’s still easy to forget. The licence needs to have been valid for at least two years and if you have an EU licence or a UK paper licence rather than a photocard you’ll need to show additional photo ID.

Proof of current UK address

This doesn’t have to match your licence, it just needs to be something official like a recent utility bill, bank statement, or a letter from HMRC. It can be physical or digital and it’s best if it’s from the last three months. If you are an EU licence holder, you’ll need to be a UK resident.

A licence
check code

If you have a UK licence you’ll need to generate a licence check code so that we can view your driving record. You can use the site to do this using your National Insurance number, licence number, and the postcode on your licence.

A debit or
credit card

We don’t accept cash so you’ll need to have a card ready when we call you back to confirm your booking. That’s the point where we’ll be asking for payment so it’s helpful to have your card details to hand.


Do you need one of our low emission vans?

Many of our Nunhead customers are likely to find themselves travelling through the Ultra Low Emission Zone during their trip. Introduced in 2019, the ULEZ was implemented to improve London’s air quality and encourage drivers to choose vehicles that are complaint with Euro 6 standards.

As part of our continued effort to improve the environment, Ace Rent A Van has invested in a range of low emission vans that conform to Euro 6 standards. Customers in Nunhead can upgrade to one of these low emission vehicles at no extra cost to do their part to improve air quality and avoid the hassle of paying the daily £12.50 charge.

Please note that although the prices of our ULEZ compliant vans are identical to our standard ones, we will require you to pay a high excess charge and put a deposit down for these vehicles.

Where to find us.


Below you will find directions to your nearest ACE Rent A Van branch. You can find us at:
2-4 Pomeroy Street, New Cross, London, SE14 5BG


Head southwest on Machell Road and take the left onto Howbury Road. Next, turn right again onto Eveline Road and continue onto Pomeroy Street, where you will find our New Cross branch. This drive should take just under 5 minutes.

By Foot

Head Southwest on Machell Road, take the first right on Howbury Road. Take a second right onto Evelina Road and follow along until you come to Queen’s Road. Next, turn left on Pomery Street where you will find our branch. This journey should take you around 20 minutes.


From Barset Road bus stop, take the 78 bus towards Nunhead, and get off at Hollydale Road. Next, walk north on St Mary’s Road. Take a right onto Belfort Road and then a left onto Queen’s Road. Continue on Queen’s Road and then take another left onto Pomery Street where you will find us.

Contact Ace Rent A Van

Contact Ace Rent a van

Call us on 020 7277 9853 with any questions and we’ll help you hire a van that’s right for you.
Or if you’d prefer to just get started, you can book online and we’ll give you a call back to confirm.