“the Hire Agreement” shall be the agreement entered into and signed by the Hirer setting out full details of the Hirer and the vehicle hired and the terms of such hire which agreement shall be read and construed as part of these terms and conditions.


“the Operating Site” shall be the premises and yard at 2-4 Pomeroy Street New Cross London SE14 5BG or such other premises as may be stated in the Hire Agreement.


“The Hire Company” shall be Ace Rent A Van Limited whose address for service shall be the Operating Site.


“the Hirer” shall be the person or persons named as such in the Hire Agreement and in this expression the masculine shall include the feminine and vice versa.


“Authorised Driver” shall mean any driver of the vehicle authorised specifically to do so in the Hire Agreement.


Business Details

ACE Rent A Van Ltd is registered as a limited company in England Wales under company number 06537859.
Registered office:
2-4 Pomeroy Street
New Cross, London
SE14 5BG


The Hirer Understands & Agrees That:

1. When the Hirer signs the Hire Agreement he accepts the conditions set out in this agreement and that any Authorised Driver is the agent of the Hirer and is also bound by its terms and that no such person will be an Authorised Driver unless they shall have signed the Hire Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms thereof and by these terms and conditions. Hire is calculated on a 24-hour basis although rental times may be adjusted to suit individual Hirers’ requirements subject to vehicle availability and subject to the terms set out in the Hire Agreement or in these terms and conditions. The full cost of the rental plus any additional fees must be paid before any vehicle is released for rental.


2. The Hire Company is not liable for any loss or damage to any property, articles or possessions stored, transported or left on, or in the vehicle. The Hire Company expressly excludes any duty of reasonable care owed by the Hire Company in relation to such property. The Hirer agrees to indemnify fully the Hire Company against any claim by a third party which the Hire Company may become liable to meet. The Hirer agrees to take every precaution to protect any property, articles or possessions stores, transported or left on, or in the vehicle from damage.


3. The vehicle may or may not have an alarm or tracking device fitted (for deterrent purposes) even though stickers are displayed.


The Hirer Agrees:

4. To pay on demand agreed charges in respect of:


a) Vehicle rental including any additional insurance charges or other charges stated in the agreement;

b) Fuel. Note, the vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel as it contained at the commencement of the rental. A re-fuelling charge will be made if it is necessary to bring the level of fuel up to where it was when the Hirer took the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it has on return,

c) A policy excess confirmed in your hire agreement form (either higher or lower) as shall be stated in the Hire Agreement. In the event of damage you must pay the excess agreed immediately, regardless of who is at fault for the incident. Ace Rent a Van Ltd will decide who is at fault, in the event that you dispute this decision you will have the right to appeal once you have paid your excess. Ace Rent a Van Ltd will then appoint an independent assessor to asses evidence to which they will give a verdict. By signing the agreement you agree to abide by this verdict; If a deposit of £200 or such other sum (either higher or lower) is left and in the event of damage you must pay the excess agreed immediately separate to the deposit, regardless of who is at fault for the incident. Ace Rent a Van Ltd will decide who is at fault, in the event that you dispute this decision you will have the right to appeal once you have paid your excess. Ace Rent a Van Ltd will then appoint an independent assessor to asses evidence to which they will give a verdict. By signing the agreement you agree to abide by this verdict. Ace Rent a Van Ltd may consider that the full excess does not need to be taken should the total damage cost and cost to Ace Rent a Van total to less than the combined total of the excess and the deposit.;

d) All fines, penalties, charges and court costs incurred (including any costs which arise if the vehicle is clamped), whilst the vehicle is on rental

e) Reasonable administration charges incurred by the Hire Company resulting from failure of the Hirer to pay the charges referred to in paragraph (d) above and also under any other clause hereof;

f) Any charges arising from HM Customs and Excise or other Authority seizing the vehicle including recovery charges, together with compensation to the Hire Company for loss of income whilst the vehicle cannot be rented out during any period of seizure;

g) Reasonable charges incurred due to breach of other clauses hereof or in the Hire Agreement by the Hirer (including charges incurred in recovering the vehicle).

h) Damage to, or loss of accessories, tyres (including punctures), windscreens, tools and equipment including damage sustained when articles are carried on a roof rack if one is already fitted to the vehicle;

i) Valet charges and loss of use if the vehicle is returned in a state not fit to be rehired due to offensive odour caused by meats, fish, dairy produce, alcohol, travel sickness, or similar;

j) Damage caused by children and animals; and

k) The hirer will be liable for the full replacement cost of radio/cassette/cd player if stolen where (a) an extractable type has not been removed from the vehicle whilst unattended or (b) where a detachable panel has not been removed from the vehicle whilst unattended. The obligation imposed by this clause is absolute.

l) Cancellation of the hire agreement; A fee of £5 is applicable should the hirer give more than 48 hours Cancellation notice. If the hirer gives less than 48 hours Cancellation notice the Hirer shall not be refunded the net amount paid for their hire. If booking with less than 48 hours to the start of the hire, the hirer is not permitted to cancel the booking without payment of the full booking charge. The Hire Company can cancel the booking at any time.

m) All amounts overdue for payment shall, at the Suppliers discretion, bear interest at the rate of 8% above the Bank of England base rate per month, compounded, for the period from the date of invoice to the date of settlement. (Such penalty shall apply regardless as to whether Judgment in a Court of Law has been obtained). In addition all costs of recovery shall be borne by the Customer. A charge up to the value of £30 will be applied to the Customer account for each occurrence of either unpaid cheques or represented cheques. Any sums remaining outstanding after payment is due will be subject to recovery action by the Supplier’s agents. The Customer shall be indemnify Ace Rent a Van Ltd, Ace Rent a Van Croydon Ltd or any other subsidiary of Ace Rent a Van ltd against all costs, fees, disbursements and charges including all debt recovery, legal and insolvency fees and costs incurred by the Supplier in the recovery of any unpaid invoice(s). The Supplier reserves the right to apply for the provisions of the Late Payment of Commercial Interest (Interest) Act 1998 to any and all invoices that remain unpaid after 30 days of the invoice date.


The Hirer Agrees:


a) To inform the Hire Company immediately of any loss or damage to, or fault developing in, or service due on, the rental vehicle;

b) To permit the Hire Company to carry out on demand all essential repairs and servicing;

c) To ensure that the Hirer uses the correct fuel and to maintain all essential every day fluid levels and tyre pressures; and

d) To allow a member of staff of the Hire Company to check and approve the mileage and condition of the vehicle at the start of each and every extension of the hire.


6. The Hirer agrees to ensure that any property secured to or being carried on a roof rack of any hired vehicle which has a permanently fitted manufacturer’s roof rack or a roof rack fitted by the Hire Company shall be properly and safely secured. The Hirer shall not fit any roof rack to the vehicle unless authorised in writing by the Hire Company to do so and shall be liable for all loss and damage caused to the hire vehicle and/ or any third party property or personal injury resulting from a failure to secure property being carried on any roof rack. Note: the Hire Company absolutely prohibit the fitting by the hirer of any roof rack to a hired vehicle. Only permanently fitted racks may be used.


The Hirer Agrees:

7. To return the vehicle, its accessories and tyres:

a) On the date and at the time specified herein or in the Hire Agreement, or sooner if demanded by the Hire Company (such demand not to be made by the Hire Company without reasonable cause). If you do not bring the vehicle back on time you are breaking the conditions of the Hire Agreement and these terms and conditions;

b) To the Operating Site or such other place as shall be agreed in writing in the Hire Agreement and during the opening hours displayed at that place. If the Hire Company have agreed that you may return the vehicle outside business hours, you will remain responsible for the vehicle and its condition until it is inspected by a member of the staff of the Hire Company;

c) In the condition prevailing at the commencement of rental, fair wear and tear excepted;

d) In a clean and tidy condition, traffic grime excepted; and

e) It is a strict condition that no extension of the hire originally funded by credit card will be granted by the Hire Company until further authorisation of payment is granted by the credit card company.


The Hirer Agrees:


a) Not to sell, rent or dispose of the vehicle or any of its parts. The Hirer nor any Authorised Driver must not give anyone any legal rights over the vehicle;

b) The Hirer agrees to ensure that the vehicle is locked and the keys are safely retained by him when he is not in or driving the vehicle. If the car is left unlocked or if car keys are left in a vehicle or given to another person who is not an Authorised Driver and the vehicle is subsequently stolen (whether permanently or temporarily) the hirer hereby agrees to be liable to the Hire Company for any damage sustained to the vehicle or for the full cost of the vehicle (if not returned) including any reasonable costs incurred in recovering the vehicle. For the avoidance of doubt where the relevant insurer declines to indemnify due to a breach of any insurance policy condition requiring the vehicle to be locked or the keys to be removed from any unattended vehicle or requiring the vehicle to be driven only by an Authorised Driver, the Hirer hereby accepts personal liability to compensate the Hire Company for all losses sustained by the Hire Company, even although reasonable care may have been exercised by the Hirer.

c) All charges, compensation, damages or other costs due by the Hirer under this agreement will become immediately payable upon the conclusion of the hire or when losses are sustained by the Hire Company, whichever is the earlier.


The Hirer Agrees:


a) That the vehicle will not be driven in a manner which would render void the policy or other contract of insurance;

b) That the vehicle will not be driven by any person who is not the Hirer or an Authorised Driver under this agreement.

c) That the vehicle will not be used to propel or tow any other vehicle or trailer without prior permission of the Hire Company;

d) That the vehicle will not be driven outside of England and Wales and that except with the written permission of the Hire Company not to use the vehicle outside of the area within the M25 motorway and where such permission is given it shall be on such terms and conditions as are specifically imposed by the Hire Company;

e) That the vehicle will not be driven as soon as mechanical, electrical or structural failure in the vehicle occurs. The Hirer shall immediately report to the Hire Company the occurrence of the above;

f) The vehicle will not be driven in a negligent manner If the driver fails to use reasonable care while operating the vehicle and causes mechanical damages to vehicle the Hirer will be liable for the hire companies full losses. This includes but is not exclusive to engine, clutch and gearbox. If the driver meets the hire companies criteria then the vehicle is hired in good faith that the driver is confident and able to drive a manual transmission van.

g) That the Hirer will not drive the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor permit any person to drive the vehicle who is under such influence or who does not hold a valid licence to drive (including disqualification from driving); and

h) To compensate the Hire Company for all losses sustained as a result of breach by the Hirer (or other authorised driver) of the insurance policy conditions which apply to the vehicle at the time of hire.


The Hirer shall be liable as if he were the owner of the vehicle in respect of:


a) Any financial penalty or charge which may be demanded by any person, corporation or authority as a result of the vehicle having been parked or left upon land which is not a public road; and

b) All congestion charges including bus lane charges/ penalties incurred as a result of the use of the vehicle by the hirer or authorised driver.


The Hire Company Accepts Responsibility to:


a) Have maintained the vehicle to at least a roadworthy condition

b) Rectify, substitute or terminate the hire of any vehicle which has a major breakdown;

c) Reimburse the Hirer for all costs of oil and mechanical repairs up to a maximum £50.00 on production by the hirer of a V.A.T. invoice and any parts which are shown as necessary to be replaced in order for the vehicle to remain in roadworthy condition;

d) Arrange and/ or carry out any required mechanical repairs when necessary in order to keep the vehicle in roadworthy condition;

e) Provide full assistance and to minimise inconvenience to the hirer in the event of a vehicle breakdown; and

f) to arrange insurance with a reputable insurer in accordance with the terms of the Hire Agreement and subject to the Terms and Conditions of any such arranged insurance policy


The Hirer Accepts:


a) That he should not hold himself out to be the agent or servant of the Hire Company for any purpose;

b) That repairs to the vehicle in excess of £50.00 must not be entered into without the prior consent of the Hire Company and

c) That this agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute shall be subject to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.


13. The Hire Company shall not be liable for direct or indirect losses arising as a result of the loss or damage to the vehicle whether or not caused by the Hirer or an Authorised Driver including any loss of earnings, loss of profits or loss of opportunity sustained by the hirer. The Hire Company shall not be liable for direct or indirect losses arising as the result of a delayed or a cancelled booking when cancelled or delayed by the Hire Company.



14. For the purposes of identification you must produce your current Driving Licence if you are to be a driver or your current Passport if you are to be the Hirer but not a driver, 2 utility bills, not less than 3 months old, addressed to you at your current address. If one of your bills is a council tax bill, it must not be less than 12 months old.


15. You agree that we may use any information you have given us to local authorities, credit reference agencies, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), debt collectors and any other relevant organisation including the Police.


Non-UK licence holders, are also signing to declare that you have not been disqualified for a period exceeding 3 months during the past year, you have not been disqualified for a period exceeding 6 months in the last 3 years, you do not have any of the following convictions:


UT50 CD40 CD50 CD70 CD71 DD40 DD60 DD80 DR10 DR20 DR30 DR31 DR40 DR50 DR60 DR61 DR70 DR80 DR90.


ACE Cancellation of Contract

16. ACE RENT A VAN LTD reserves the right of cancelling the contract before it is due to end if they suspect foul play, illegal activities, abuse of the vans or if the use of the vehicle differed from what was originally stated and/or not permitted by ACE RENT A VAN LTD. Any refund will be to manager’s discretion. ACE RENT A VAN LTD can also cancel the booking at any time and before any contract has been signed.


Breakdown Cover

17. You will have breakdown cover on the vehicle that you hire, however this will only cover you to bring the van back to the branch to swap for another vehicle. If you are to use this breakdown cover to tow you anywhere else other than one of our branches then you may be charged for the recovery cost.


Drop off Service

18. If you decide to use our drop off service without waiting for an agent then the vehicle is your responsibility until the vehicle has been checked off by one of our agents. This applies whether you use our service inside or outside of our opening hours.


Rotherhithe Tunnel

There is a weight restriction for commercial vehicles at the Rotherhithe Tunnel, this means that if the vehicle that you have hired has a gross weight of over 2 tonnes then you are not permitted to drive through it. It is to be assumed that the vehicle you have hired is over this weight unless specifically stated. All of our commercial vehicles that we hire currently are over this weight. If you do travel through the tunnel then you will receive a fine from TFL and an admin fee of £50 from Ace Rent a Van separate to the TFL fine.


Driver Requirements:

Under no circumstances do we accept or arrange insurance for anyone:-

– Under the age of 23

– Who has not held a Full licence for at least 2 years

Even if your licence meets these criteria you will still require approval from Ace Rent a Van that you are insured. This approval must come either in writing or by your original hire agreement.

If you are an insured driver then you cannot give the vehicle to anyone else to drive. If you are a Hirer and not a driver then it is also your responsibility to make sure the correct driver is the only person driving. Should and an uninsured driver become in control of the van then you (the hirer and/or the driver if they are different) agree to pay any losses in full as a result of the uninsured driver.


How we share your data

We can share your data between any other branch of Ace Rent a Van or any subsidiary of Ace Rent a Van Ltd including Ace Rent a Van Croydon Ltd. We can share your data with the police on request. If we consider that you have a debt with us then we will share your data with any collection agent of our choosing. We can share your data with our insurance company and broker. We share your details with parking ticket agencies i.e. TFL and local council authorities. We share footage of the dash cam images and audio with the police (upon request) and with our insurance companies and insurance brokers, we also share this information between the branches for monotiring and training purposes.

We can also give this information to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), which can share your personal information with its members to prevent crime and protect their assets, as allowed under the Data Protection Act.


What you sign when you take the van:



– Fuel

– Parking charges / motoring matters / congestion charges / ultra-low emission zone charge / motoring offences / PCN’s

– Excess and damage or accident – up to your excess per claim or accident / incident)

– Overloading

– Punctures and tyres RAC breakdown: 0330 159 0601 / ACE emergency: 07841 77 77 17

– Wrong fuel – your excess

– Theft – your excess

– Rotherhithe Tunnel – no commercial vehicle that we hire is allowed through the tunnel unless specifically stated


Please Note and Confirm Items Below:

I hereby give my irrevocable authority to Ace Rent a Van to debit my credit / debit card if any of the above occur

I agree that Ace Rent a Van will charge me £50.00 as an admin charge for handling the above matters

A late charge will apply at equivalent of daily rate if over 1 hour late. I confirm that if I am going to us the vehicle for more than 200 miles then I will make it known prior to hire. If I do not make this known I understand that there will be a charge. Miles are limited to 200 miles in 24 hours. You will be charged £0.20/mile thereafter if you book your extra mileage in before you take your van, if you are subsequently charged it will be charged at £0.50/mile. The Weekend deal allows 400 miles. 5-day deals and longer are by arrangement. If I were to take the vehicle outside of the UK, I would incur a charge that is equal to your excess charge, I also understand that I would not be insured outside of the UK unless otherwise prearranged.

I confirm that I have read and understand and agree to the terms and conditions which is available to view on


– I have not had an accident in the last 3 years

– I have never been refused insurance

– If I have a European licence, I confirm my licence has no endorsements

– I do not suffer from any physical or mental conditions

– It is my responsibility to check whether the vehicle I have hired is exempt from the ULEZ charge and Ace Rent a Van does not accept cost associated to not paying the ULEZ charge.


I confirm that if there was any damage to the vehicle I hire or a third-party vehicle in any way I will accept ACE RENT A VAN’s estimate as ACE RENT A VAN repair the vehicle themselves. I also confirm that the estimate may include the loss of hire whilst the vehicle is being repaired.

By signing below, you are stating that you are aware; 1. You are being recorded by camera and audio sound recording. 2. You are aware and give us permission to use this data. To find out how we use your data please see 3. That if the Dash Cam appears to be tampered with in any way you will be completely liable for anything that happens to the vehicle and you would not be protected by your excess limit.


Important Notice:

If you have been involved in any incident involving either a third party or passenger, you MUST notify us immediately. Failure to do so can result in legal action being made against you and the hirer.

Non- UK licence holders, you are also signing to declare that you have not been disqualified for a period exceeding 3 months during the past year, you have not been disqualified for a period exceeding 6 months in the last 3 years and you do not have any of the convictions displayed on the above web site.

If the hirer and driver are not the same person as identified on Page 1:  I the hirer, agree that I take responsibility on behalf of the driver i.e. if the driver was to have an accident or any other misdemeanour I the hirer agree to pay for it.

Please also see on our website a full breakdown on how we store and use your personal data and who we may share it with, by signing you accept how we share, use and store your data.


Please remember it is an offence to make any false statements or to withhold any material information for the purpose of hiring a vehicle.