November 21, 2017
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The Helpful Van Hire Guide


People hire vans for all types of reasons and the process is simple and straightforward. Hiring a van makes perfect sense if you need a larger vehicle on a temporary basis to carry bigger loads or items that won’t fit easily inside your car. There’s a huge demand for rental vans in South East London but how much do you actually know about hiring a van? Here at Ace Rent a Van, we explain the process for you in this informative guide so you know what to do when you want a hire van in the future.


Find a local Van Hire Company in South East London


To keep things simple, look for a van hire business that is local to you in South East London to make it easier when you are collecting or dropping the van off. We have branches in New Cross and Croydon here at Ace Van Hire for your convenience and can also arrange delivery to multiple locations in South London. Keep it local to simplify things and you’ll worry less when it’s time to drop the van off. This can be handy if you are pushed for time which can sometimes happen, especially with house moves.

Choosing a Van


If you are new to hiring a van, one of the first things you will notice is the huge choice of different sized vehicles available to hire. In general, the larger the vehicle the more expensive it is to hire so think carefully about how much payload you want the van to carry. Van classes are distinctive with the following options available to hire:


Small Vans – Small vans are ideal for kitchen appliances such as under-counter fridges, ovens and a small number of boxes, they can be useful if you live in a shared house and are moving out but only have a few items to move. Vehicles in this category include the Volkswagen Caddy, Ford Transit Connect or Citroen Berlingo, with vans that are more car-like in size.


Short Wheel Base Vans – Short wheel base vans are capable of carrying up to two large items of furniture so perfect for sofa and wardrobe collections. You could fit a large king size mattress in the back of this type of van including the bed frame If you break it down first. Good for trade use, a short wheel base van is a useful hire if your work van goes in for a service and you need another vehicle on a temporary basis to get you to and from site. They include vans such as Ford Transits, Renault Traffic and Vauxhall Vivaro amongst others.


Long Wheel Base Vans – Perfect when you have a number of items of furniture you want to move, long wheel base vans are 10ft long and comfortably swallow a huge amount of items. It’s possible to complete house moves with this type of van due to its large payload and cavernous interior. Models in this range include the Renault Movano, Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter.


Extended Long Wheel Base Vans – With a 13ft payload area, extended long wheel base vans are just the right vehicle if you have a lot of furniture and want to move it in one go. Vans of this size easily swallow awkward or lengthy items and have the longest floor length of all vans for hire in South East London. Range-wise, they might include Ford Transits for hire, Mercedes Sprinters or LWB Renault Masters.


Luton Van Hire – Luton vans are box-like vans that have a rear section which sweeps over the top of the cab roof. Equipped with a roller shutter rear door and hydraulic tail lift, they can be useful and practical van hires to use for house moves. Lutons with tail lifts are popular options and great for moving large items of furniture. They might include the Volkswagen Crafter, Ford Transit or a Mercedes Sprinter Luton Van for hire.

If you are not sure what size van you want to hire, speak to the hire company and get more details so you end up with the right sized payload.


Rental Periods and Prices


When you are hiring a van in South East London, consider how long you actually need the van for and how much this is going to cost you in total. Prices can be for a day hire, weekend hire or a five or seven-day deal. Special weekend deals are often available and these can be useful if you are moving house. Typically you hire the van from lunchtime on a Friday and take it back the following Monday morning giving you two and a half days of hire. It’s important you fully understand the costs involved when you are hiring a van. Some hire companies might charge you a deposit for the van hire, but this is something you won’t have to pay when you hire a van from us here at Ace Rent a Van Ltd. We like to save you money where we can.


What You Need to Hire a Van


Before you consider hiring a van, you will need to have a full driving licence and bring with you some type of proof of address such as a recent utility bill that matches the name and address on your licence. Other items you will need include a debit or credit card and your national insurance number. That’s just about everything you need to hire a van from us here at Ace Van Hire UK. We make it as simple as possible for you to hire a van and will soon have you on your way.


Read the T’s and C’s


Always read through the terms and conditions of the hire agreement so you know precisely what your responsibilities are. This agreement covers you and it also covers the hire company too, so you both know what to expect from one another. The terms and conditions are the legal agreement between you as the hirer and the van hire business and your responsibilities will be clearly outlined such as:


• Fuel – The van should be returned with the same amount of fuel as when you collected it.

• Parking & congestion charges – You are solely responsible for paying any charges.

• Motoring Offences – You must pay fines for speeding, traffic cameras, bus lanes etc.

• Damage to van – If you damage the van you pay for the repairs.

• Punctures and tyres – Again, this is your responsibility.

• Putting the wrong fuel in the van (it does happen!) You have to pay to put things right!


Need more help or advice?


Everything will be clearly explained to you when you hire a van in South East London but don’t hesitate to ask for help or guidance if you are unsure about anything. Well-established van rental companies such as us here at Ace Rent a Van Ltd are always happy to help, and we have a huge range of vans ready to rent in all sizes, from small vans to short and LWB or Luton box vans.


Looking to rent a van? Please contact us today by calling 020 7277 9853 for more details.

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