It is a stamp system, just like a coffee!

Our way of showing our appreciation

Based on your stamps we give you an average credit to use!
i.e 5 x SWB stamps gives you £62.50 credit with us. A free SWB during the week!


SMALL Stamp: £40.00
SWB Stamp: £62.50
LWB Stamp: £74.00
EXT LWB Stamp: £85.00
LUTON Stamp: £91.25

An average credit is then worked out based on the stamps you have accumulated.

You must present a fully stamped card to claim your reward
There must be a 24 hour period between the end of one hire and the start of the next before you can claim another stamp
Your stamps can be accumulated at any time
The reward cannot be claimed on Saturdays
One stamp per hire, even if your hire is more than one day
You only get a stamp if you bring your card with you, you cannot get a stamp retrospectively.


Subject to terms and conditions. Please ask if you qualify, however nearly all of hires are.


Unlike some of the big firms, who believe it or not do a CREDIT CHECK before you can hire a van. We are a small family business with a new style fleet and a professional service and a bit more common sense!