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The loyalty scheme is our way of showing our appreciation to our regular customers. Every time you hire one of our vans, you’ll earn credit towards a future hire. Depending on the amount of credit you’ve earned, after five hires, your sixth hire may even end up being free.

How does the
loyalty scheme work?

When you hire a van from us, you’ll receive a corresponding stamp on your loyalty card. Each of these stamps is worth a different amount of credit:

Ace Stamped Card

  • Micro Van40
  • Small Van 50
  • Short Wheelbase Van65
  • Long Wheelbase Van79
  • Extended Long Wheelbase Van89
  • Luton Van99

Once you’ve received five stamps on your loyalty card, an average credit is then worked out based on the stamps you’ve earned. This is the amount of credit that you can put towards your sixth hire.

How about an example?

Here’s how much credit you’ll received if you hire two small vans, two short wheelbase vans, and a long wheelbase van:

  • £50 + £50 + £65 + £65 + £79 = £309
  • £309 / 5 = £61.80

This means you care hire a small van for free or a short wheelbase van for £3.20.

Of course, if you always hire the same type of van, you’ll earn enough credit to make your sixth hire free:

  • £79 + £79 + £79 + £79 + £79 = £395
  • £395 / 5 = £79

What our customers say

Have any questions?

If you’re not clear on how the loyalty scheme works, get in touch and ask us any questions. We’re always happy to explain things further.

You can call us on 020 7277 9853 or you can email info@acevanhireuk.com.

What you need to know about the loyalty scheme

  • You can use your loyalty card at both our New Cross and Croydon branches.
  • You need to show a fully stamped card in order to redeem your credit.
  • You can only earn one stamp per hire, even if you’re hiring a van for longer than one day.
  • You can only earn a stamp if you bring your loyalty card with you. You can’t receive a stamp for a previous hire.
  • There are no time restrictions – collect your stamps over days, months or years.
  • There must be a 24-hour period between the end of one hire and the start of the next hire in order to claim another stamp.
  • You can’t redeem your credit on a Saturday.
  • The amount of credit you receive depends on the vans you’ve hired. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your sixth hire is going to be free.
  • Ace Rent a Van Ltd reserves the right to withdraw loyalty at any stage.

Contact Ace Rent A Van

Contact Ace Rent A Van

Give us a call on 020 7277 9853 with any questions and we’ll help you to hire a van that’s right for you.
Or if you’d prefer to just get started, you can book online and we’ll give you a call back to confirm.