Ace Rent a Van - About

We’re a successful family business that has been based on Pomeroy Street in New Cross since the 1950s. Originally, the business centred around car sales but now, three generations later, we’re well established as providers of affordable van hire in South London and Croydon.

We’re just as much of a family business as the day we set up our company; not only are there several family members working as part of our team, we treat all our team members and customers like they’re part of the family too.

In 2018 we decided to expand the business and open a second branch, bringing our expertise to Croydon for the first time. The response to this has been fantastic; business took off and we already have more than 30 vans for hire at our Croydon branch.

Contact Ace Rent A Van

Contact Ace Rent A Van

Give us a call on 020 7277 9853 with any questions and we’ll help you hire a van that’s right for you.
Or if you’d prefer to just get started, you can book online and we’ll give you a call back to confirm.

What can we offer you?

These are the principles that set us apart and play a key role in our success:

Affordable prices

We won’t mess you around. No deposit or credit checks, no hidden charges, and no huge excesses. You always pay a fair price when hiring from us because we reduce costs wherever we can.

Approachable team

We want you to enjoy working with us. We’re often on first name terms with customers and many of them have been returning to us for years. That’s just the sort of company we are.

Flexible service

We’re not a large business that refuses to listen. If there’s something that you need, ask us and we’ll see what we can do for you. It’s never a problem.

Meet our team

New Cross

Paul - Ace Van Hire

Company Director

Paul was responsible for our move into the van hire business. As a second-generation member of the Verrico family, his extensive experience in the motor industry has played a key role in Ace Rent A Van’s success. He loves working alongside family and thinking outside the box to keep the business ahead of the competition.

Louis - Ace Van Hire

Company Director

Louis joined the Ace Rent A Van team in 2008, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather as the third-generation of the Verrico family to be involved with the business. He has been responsible for managing the New Cross branch ever since, making sure that everything meets his high standards.

Chelley - Ace Van Hire

Rental Agent

Chelley has been part of the Ace Rent A Van team since 2008, though we’ve known her much longer – she’s Louis’ cousin. Chelley loves dealing with customers, finding out about their lives, and making sure that they hire the van that’s right for them.

Igor - Ace Van Hire

Transport Manager

Igor has been responsible for maintaining and repairing our fleet of vans since 2008. He’s a bit of a workaholic and he loves being hands on and dealing with any issues as soon as they appear. Igor makes sure that each van is serviced and is ready to go.


Branch Manager

Reegan joined Ace Rent a Van in 2018 after finishing his A-levels. After working weekends alongside his brother Kieron at Croydon he is now a full time recruit at the New Cross branch. He enjoys the working dynamic and meeting new customers from all walks of life. Since joining Ace, his enthusiasm and work ethic has seen him nominated for multiple mechanical courses to further his career.

Meet our team


Kieron - Ace Van Hire

Company Director

Kieron is a close friend of the Verrico family and was the natural choice to manage the second Ace Rent A Van branch. Since 2018 he has been responsible for all aspects of the business and he’s found that no two days are ever the same. He enjoys meeting customers from all walks of life and solving their problems.

Susan - Ace Van Hire

Head of Admin

Susan is another member of the Ace Rent A Van team with family connections – she joined the team in 2018 to work alongside her grandson, Kieron. She loves meeting our customers, discussing their needs, and helping them to hire the van that’s right for them.

Omar - Ace Van Hire

Transport Manager

Omar has been maintaining and repairing the vans at our Croydon branch since it opened in 2018. He spends his days making sure that each van meets his high standards and is running reliably. Omar loves working alongside the rest of the team and feeling like part of the family.